Our Process

Honoring your Pet’s Memory

Our Promise to You

At Pets at Peace, we go above and beyond to ensure the utmost care and respect for your beloved pet throughout the cremation process. Our strict chain of custody and tracking procedure includes the use of uniquely numbered stainless steel ID tags. Unlike other cremation services, we never remove the tag from your pet prior to cremation, as we understand the importance of preserving their identity. These durable stainless steel tags stay with your pet every step of the way, even inside the crematorium. After the cremation, if necessary, the tag is meticulously cleaned and returned to you, securely placed in the bag holding your pet’s cremated remains. This commitment to utilizing stainless steel ID tags sets us apart from our competition, who may not use any tags at all or rely on inexpensive aluminum tags that would melt during cremation.
With our steel ID tags and strict chain of custody, Pets at Peace guarantees, with 100% surety, the return of your pet’s cremated remains. Choose peace of mind and trust in our unwavering dedication to honoring your pet’s memory.